What is Counselling?

What is Counselling, what can I expect from it?

There is nothing magical about counselling. Principally it is about a relationship, a space where problems can be talked about, in a neutral, non-judgmental way, where we learn together and explore together, to find the best ways through the problems you may be facing today.

One of the myths about counselling is that the Client is committed to therapy for years and gives over control of their lives to a therapist.

This is not true, you as the Client are always in control, we sign a Contract together, but you are always free to end at any point, and you are always in control in a session, you decide what you want to tell me or don’t, how far you want to go or not.

There is no problem too small or insignificant, if it is important to you, then it is important to me. We will explore whatever you bring, at your pace, obviously you will need time to trust me, and we will be guided always by you.

I am governed by an official body called the BACP, British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and I abide by their Code of Ethics which can be found on their website: www.bacp.co.uk

Counselling is intended to be a healing, therapeutic relationship and I hope you will experience it as such.